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No-one is quite sure when, why, or even who founded Seven Cities - all that is lost in the midst of time, quite ironic for a historical society! But one thing is for sure Seven Cities is a much loved, not-to-be-missed expatriate institution, responsible not only for many a new friendship but also for introducing new arrivals to Delhi in all its cultural, historical and architectural glory!


Seven Cities is run by a friendly and multinational group of volunteers, all of whom arrived in Delhi only a few years ago themselves and are eager to introduce you to this amazing and diverse city. 


Newcomers of all nationalities, ages, and languages are welcome to join one of Seven Cities’ three-month-long Delhi discovery programmes. Programmes are run twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, with the choice of a January or September start and are available for up to 40 participants.  Each Seven Cities season includes an information-gathering coffee morning, 10 member-led tours of different historical sites plus two lunches at the start and end of the season to see us on our way.



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During the season, members meet on Wednesday mornings (9.30 am to 12 noon approx.) at various sites of historical, cultural, or religious significance around Delhi.  Each of these 10 tours is led by the participants themselves!  At the start of the season, everyone will be divided into small groups of 3 or 4 and tasked with researching a particular historical period and organizing one of the weekly tours.  Lots of help is available and many fun memories made as you and your small group explore Delhi’s monuments, markets, and museums to put together a fascinating tour for your fellow Seven Cities participants. Each tour ends with an optional lunch for those with the time to sample the menus of nearby local restaurants.  


Tours are conducted in English but participants of all different mother tongues are actively encouraged to join. In fact, each season non-native English speakers probably outnumber native English speakers!  


Although the programmes only run twice a year, you are welcome to register at any time for the next season.  Fill in this form here and we will email you back with details on when the next information gathering coffee morning is and how to join up for our next exciting season.

Meet the Coordinators


Janet McCartney

Janet moved to India in July 2015 along with her husband, 3 kids, a dog, quite a bit of trepidation and absolutely no clue how historically and culturally rich the city of Delhi is!  She signed up for the Fall 2015 Seven Cities season and loved the program so much she became a mentor for the next 3 seasons before taking over as one of the two coordinators in Fall 2017.  Janet studied History at University (albeit specializing in Scottish social and economic history, so not too relevant!) and loves nothing more than exploring all the many historical buildings hidden away across the city with Seven Cities friends.  The Wednesday morning tours are the highlight of her week!


Erin Burrell-Fillion

Erin is an avid traveler who has lived in 6 countries since 1999.  She enjoys learning about the culture and history of the places she has lived in and traveled to.  Erin came to New Delhi in 2018 and immediately signed up for Seven Cities, which was love at first meeting! She enjoys each Seven Cities season for the new faces she meets and new facts she learns, as told by the unique perspective of each new participant.

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